Scuba Diving

Our dive vessel has a scheduled route that we follow in conjunction with the National Park. As always, the scheduled dive sites we visit are tentative and can change due to weather, National Park recommendation, and the boat captain’s best judgement. It is in our best interest to ensure the safety of our guests, staff, and natural environment and all decisions will be based off these factors.

Current schedule (until 4/1/2019) 

Monday Seymour Daphne
Tuesday Gordon Rocks N. Plazas
Wednesday Seymour Mosquera
Thursday Gordon Rocks Gordon Rocks
Friday Mosquera Daphne
Saturday Daphne Seymour
Sunday Seymour Mosquera 

Some new and exciting changes are coming! We have an overwhelming amount of return guests and to accommodate we have worked out, with the park, a new dive site roster starting soon!

Starting 4/1/2019 our new exciting schedule will be:

Monday Gordon Rocks N. Plazas
Tuesday Floreana (1) Floreana (2)
Wednesday Gordon Rocks (1) Gordon Rocks (2)
Thursday Seymour Norte Mosquera Islet
Friday Bartalome Cousins Rock
Saturday Seymour Norte Daphne
Sunday Seymour Mosquera Islet

Please note: Special accomodations can be made for large groups upon approval from the park. The earlier you reserve the better!

We offer SNORKELING on all days (weather permitting) at $150USD/pp – this includes a guide, snacks/refreshments, lunch, pictures/videos, and gear.

Read below for some information about the dive sites we visit. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have before  your trip. We look forward to showing you the beauty of the enchanted islands!


Gordon rocksRocas Gordon

Considered one of the best sites in the central region of the Galapagos Archipelago for SCUBA diving, Gordon rocks is a crater around 100 meters in diameter located north of the Islands squares.

An unforgettable diving experienced that is not recommended for beginners. Currents and swells can be moderate to very strong earning this site the nickname of “the washer”. However, experiencing these conditions and the abundance of marine species like the infamous hammerhead sharks schooling in great numbers will leave you wanting more. No two dives are alike so make sure you visit this location several times on your Galapagos adventure. 

Island Champion, FloreanaFloreana

An islet located Northeast of Floreana Island and Southwest of the Enderby. Champion is a wonderful place to see turtles, sea lions, many different species of tropical fish and corals. The average depths range in ranges from 6-40 + meters (20-130 + feet) and visibility from 7 – 20 meters (20-60 feet) Currents are generally mild and usually come from the Southeast.

PTA Cormorant

Located on the Northern coast of Floreana with its volcanic origin this islet has craters that have become good substrate for reefs, making it a spectacular snorkeling and scuba site for all.

Daphne Minor 

The main dive site looks like a shelf of large rocks about 20 meters deep. Galapagos sharks, schools of pelagic fish, and multi colored sponges line the rock wall. Diving conditions vary due to the differing currents and wave heights.

North Seymour    galapagos islands sea lion seymour island

A generally shallower dive, around 20 meters, this site can also have stronger currents at times. Drift dives starting from the far East carry you with the currents allowing you to have amazing sightings of reef and Galapagos sharks. Large schools of fish are commonly spotted and there is a sandy area of 15 meters with a large eel colony.


Mosquera is a bank of white sand located in a shallow area between Seymour and Baltra. Here is the location of a cleaning station around 15 meters depth where there are a great abundance of fish, a large colony of garden eels and the popular hammerhead sharks.  

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