PADI dive training courses


Discover SCUBA®

Ever wonder what its like to breathe underwater? Well, Discovery Scuba is a  PADI program that allows non-certified individuals to experience what its like in a controlled environment. Here you will learn the basic skills to dive and experience the activity of scuba diving. Your PADI instructor will also explain the basic criteria considered for diving and you will gain credits towards your open water certification.

Open Water

This course is for beginners without experience in scuba diving; It is the first step to become certified as a diver. Here you will learn the basics of scuba diving and the skills to safely partake in the sport. This is a great course to develop the self-confidence necessary to be a diver. It begins with the development of skills in a confined water environment and ends with four open water dives.

Advanced Open Water

This course is an extension of the basic information in certain areas of the scuba such as deep, night diving or diving in currents. Exploration and adavancement are key aspects of this course and you will learn more about diving deeper, planning dives, and different specialties in diving.

Rescue Diver (groups with 3+)

Take your diving to the next level. This course will show you methods of rescue and teach you how to react to a dive situation where assistance is needed.

Specialties …

Specialty courses are a good choice to advance specific areas of scuba. During the development of this course students will experience specific areas such as navigation, night diving, identification of fish, diving from a boat or improving your buoyancy.


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